Sunday, July 28, 2013

WhimZ Trailer Boutique On The Go

" WhimZ Trailer Boutique " WhimZ at a recent event meeting up with our customers. 

So GREAT to meet our customers in person and help them with their jewelry and accessory selections. 

Let us know if you have a special event coming up at your work, church, club or community events that you would like WhimZ Trailer Boutique to be part of. 

Contact us at 877-381-0090.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Whimz Accessories May 2013  - Fierce Fashion Handbags

I absolutely adore this season's embellishment trend! Every aspect about this bling look is sparkling and glamorous. And there is nothing that we love more! Golden spikes, metal studs and skulls are on everything from leather jackets to sexy stiletto heels! I especially love them when they are on those cute accessories.

One of the fab things about the girls at Whimz is that they always have their finger on the fashion pulse! They know what is hot so the collection will always be so up to date. Even though I have a thing for handbags I forced myself to narrow down some of my favorites from the new collection. It wasn't easy but here are just some of the dazzlers from Whimz Accessories:   

Box bags are tres chic when it comes to the accessory of the moment. More importantly are knuckle duster style bags. These cute little clutch bags are the perfect way to express your tough side while also being functional. Got that invite to the party of the year? Don't lug around a huge oversized bag with you- instead opt for a simple clutch. Take a look at this stunning example available at Whimz Accessories. The spikes on the knuckle dusters as well as on the bag itself make this one tough accessory. No one will mess with you and your sense of style!

Black Leather Spike Handbag with " Spike Knuckle Closure " ( with Silver Chain Shoulder Strap ) 6.5 X 6 in
HA207  $45.00

Want to got for a simpler look but with this years big embellishment trend? Whimz can cater for the more understated look too. This all gold fabric envelope clutch bag is finished off with a single diamante encrusted skull at the centre. The gold sheen of the tan fabric really will add a lustre to your outfit. It's the perfect size to fit your mobile phone, some change and keys in. The cute Black Leather Spike Handbag is accessorising at it's most elegant.

TRENDY !! " Skull " Tan Envelope Handbag with Chain Shoulder Strap
HA203   $28.00

Peacocks are known to be extravagant looking creatures. Just one flash of their electric blue tail feathers is all that it takes. Peacocks have been popular in art and design since forever! Just take a look at the Art Deco of the 1920's. Everyone loved this sassy style. Whimz have taken this period in design and incorporated it into one stunning piece! The Royal Blue Satin handbag has a Peacock designed clasp at the top. This Peacock is accented with a myriad of different stones and colours! It's almost as precious as a real bird of paradise. Jazz up your beautifully simple evening gown with this stunning bag by your side.

Elegant & Fashionable !! Royal Blue Satin Handbag Accented with Multi Color Rhinestone Peacock Closure ( 6 X 4 in ) with Silver Chain Shoulder Strap
HA205  $58.00

Whimz Accessories have a fabulous new collection of  handbags for your special occasion. Take your pick from the wide selection of new casual and occasion handbags available.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Are you Pregnant ? Let WhimZ Make You Fashionable During This Special Time !!

Pregnancy Style at Whimz Accessories.
Is it just me or does everyone seem to be expecting babies right now? Here in the UK we are all excited about the newest addition to the royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is just months away from giving birth to a baby girl. But hers it not the only pregnancy that is hitting the international news headlines. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is also pregnant as well as actress Halle Berry and Fergie from the Black eyed Pease. 2013 seems to be the year of pregnant celebrities!
These ladies really are in full bloom right now. Are you expecting yourself? There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is. Many Moms-to-be will sat that they experience a real inner glow. So much so that many ladies about to give birth do not worry about wearing make up! Naturally beautiful despite the hot and cold sweats, the nausea and the cravings and weight gain.
Ladies who are pregnant can be just as stylish as everyone else when they are expecting even though the majority of clothing in their wardrobes will be functional more than flattering. Why not jazz up these everyday items of clothing with some of the great accessories at Whimz?
Charm Bracelet Watches !! Coral Leather & "LOVE" Charm Watch Accented with Clear Rhinestones (adjustable) ALSO COMES IN TAN
WAT264 $38.00

Babies are the most beautiful creations ever and we are sure that you cannot wait for your little bundle of joy to arrive into the world. It's all about the love and you can express it with your accessories. Charmed bracelets are comfortable, ultra funky and very now! It is so comfortable you will hardly know that you are wearing it. Plus the adjustable strap make it very practical when dealing with swollen wrists! Take your pick from a tropical orange strap or a tan brown one.

9PC Aqua Blue & Orange Bangle Bracelet Accented with Goldtones
B603 $15.00

There is nothing easier than slipping on some boho style bracelets and even more so for the summer. Choose from any of the hippie, aztec and eqyptian inspired bangles and bracelets available at Whimz Accessories! This is a wonderful example of how you can spruce up your everyday maternity outfit! The 9 brightly coloured pieces go together to really give you that cute ethnic feel. The sky blues with the deep orange make this a truly eye-catching piece.  

intage Style Silvertone Brooch Accented with Clear Rhinestones ( 2.75 in )

Some of you maybe suffering from hot and cold sweats during pregnancy. So larger neck pieces may feel suffocating! Even rings can be uncomfortable  This
There is nothing simpler than a brooch pinned to your chest for simple and effortless chic that is comfortable to wear. The perfect accessory when you are going to those dinner parties!

Whimz girls know that being pregnant is a fantastic thing and that you dot have to dress down! Take a look at the Whimz Accessories collection and pick out those pieces that will make you sparkle over those nine months.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Whimz Accessories Blog For February

The first month of the year has been a dynamic one for the girls at Whimz- we have been inundated with so many beautiful new additions to Whimz Accessories!
We have listed a whole host of brand new designs, jewellery sets and contemporary wrist watches. But also this is a really exciting time for the Whimz girls as we have added a new section to the website.

The 'Whimz Recycled' section is all about making the most of your pre-loved jewelley. We don't believe in just throwing out your costume jewellery with the garbage- it is far too important for that! Even if it is just a large jewel or some links, remember that it can be salvaged. In this section of the Whimz Accessories website we create pieces that are unique to you using jewellery and other Objects d' art.

Although recycling may not have always seemed an attractive prospect in the past- we aim to show you that some of the most precious pieces can be made from pre-owned jewellery pieces. 

Each recreated piece included in the Whimz Recycled collection is a total one-off, so you are unlikely to find it anywhere else guaranteed! Perfect if you are looking for that extra special housewarming gift or even for your own home, take a look at the collection so far:

Piece from the Whimz Recycled Collection-
Red bottle with aqua blue beads and rhinestones
$49.99 RC50

Decorated glass bottles are the perfect way to add those eclectic aspects to your home. This is a fantastic example of that-slightly Victorian in it's appeal- you have the eye catching seashell at the neck of the bottle. The bright aqua blue rhinestones sit beautifully with the red of the glass bottle. If it could talk to you, of what adventures would it speak of? Delightful as well as thought  provoking!

White Faux Pearl Heart Frame accented with charms,
 rhinestones and beads  $29.99 RC52

Looking for a way to capture those precious memories? Do you want them to be with you forever in the most stylish way? Although all our photographs seem to be online these days you simply cannot beat a precious photograph in a special frame. Whether it be for yourself or for someone you love dearly. Created with a stunning combination of faux pearls, beads, rhinestones and charms, this photo frame will make sure your special memories stay special.
From the Whimz Recycled Collection: Vintage Style Butterfly Bottle accented with aqua charm necklace, faux pearls and rhinestones  $39.99 RC51

Want to add some bohemian chic to your home? The next piece from the Whimz Recycled collection is this brass metallics bottle. Once again a decorative piece that is created from charms, beads, rhinestones and faux pearls. Everything about it is so eclectic in appearance. The butterfly stopper at the lip really stands out, making it from another time. A precious addition for any classically decorated home. But then even for more modern styled homes, a great addition to add a rustic edge to the contemporary interior.

Just the beginning of the Whimz Recycled collection, there are many more pieces to follow- keep checking for new additions.  

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