Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Come See WhimZ Jewelry IN PERSON

WhimZ Accessories is very excited to announce that we will be a vendor sellng WhimZ Jewelry at " GIRL'S NIGHT OUT " Sponsored by Shecky's.

We will be in NYC at this event Dec. 19th- Dec. 22nd.

Check out this FUN & EXCITING event @ http://www.sheckys.com/invite/lindahogan

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Whimz Accessories

Things have quietened down in London town but it’s always a joy to sit down and get writing for the Whimz Girls!

Every now and again one can’t help but ponder on things and this week it was ‘accessories’, a great way to spend a lazy and dull Sunday afternoon. I unearthed some amazing facts online, for example did you know that jewellery has been around for seven thousand years? Ever since the first nuggets of copper were found and forged into crude pieces of body adornment! But the first complete pieces of jewellery were found in Kenya, with beads made from Ostrich egg shells.
We all know that jewellery in ancient Greece and Rome was used as a status symbol for many women. It was during this time that techniques in jewellery making were perfected and one can find intricate and stunning jewellery made from gold, silver and copper that still exists to this day. Large neck pieces and earrings would symbolise importance for the head female of the household.

Hundreds of years later and jewellery along with accessories still play a major role in the world we live in. Ok so things have changed somewhat- it’s no longer required to walk out of the house in heavy pieces of gold, now jewellery is all about expressing oneself! Design, colours, shapes along with styles. So if a woman from Ancient Greece was transported to today’s world, how would she accessorise herself? Here are a few examples she may well chose from us at Whimz!   

WhimZ Girl Collection !! Black & Gray Bead
Necklace & Earrings Accented with Heart & Flower Charms
RED 307 $36.00

This set is brand new to Whimz Accessories. A stunning beaded charm necklace that does just that- charms anyone who lays their eyes on it! If this piece were a status symbol it would speak volumes about its wearer. There is something precious about the variety of glass beads that make up this piece along with the cute matching earrings that add sheer elegance to the ensemble.

Wow Everyone So Unique !! Art Deco Goldtone
Chain Necklace with Earrings Accented with
Faux Pearls, Rhinestones & Iridescent Beads
GOLD 636  $48.00

For both Ancient Greek ladies and modern women alike this piece is a must if you want to express your style! You’re sure to grab attention with this fantastic mixture of opalites, pearls and gold. A stunning neck piece with delicate pearl earrings that could bring any crowded room to a halt! Total charisma with ease, simply team it up with your favourite slinky little cocktail dress, it’s a stylish and elegant set that oozes grown up glamour.  

Goldtone Necklace with Earrings Accented with Clear Rhinestones
GOLD 604 $48.00

Sunday, June 24, 2012

WhimZ in Women's World Magazine This Week !!

So So Exciting !! Our Black and White Bead Necklace and Earring Set Was Part of Women's World Story on How to Achieve the "Chanel Look" @ an Every Day Price !!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Fun Reading Regarding Clip On Earrings !!

Whimz Clip Earrings Blog

Only a few weeks ago did the world witness the biggest most glamourous event in the Hollywood calendar- Stars of stage and screen got together for one night only to celebrate the greatest achievements of stage and screen over the past year. However what the world’s eyes were really glued to were the glitz and the glamour, the extravagant gowns worn and jewels that added the timeless elegance to the Academy Awards.

We saw huge diamante style earrings on many of the Celebrities that graced the red carpet. Sandra Bullock wore a huge pair of sparklers which dazzled and only served to enhance her flawless beauty. Big gemmed beauties can also be found on www.whimzaccessories.com. One example is the Vintage Style Clear Rhinestone CLIP ON Earrings #Top of Form
CP94. Bottom of Form

Big and bold is the order of the day when it comes to earrings. We want crystal stones as big as our hands to grace one’s ears. If one is to do jewellery why not be noticed after all that’s the point right? In the words of the great lady herself Elizabeth Taylor: “Big girls need big diamonds”

Vintage is very much in vogue at present, so old school glamour is hot hot hot! Anything from retro 1980’s colour block hoops like Lime Green Hoop Clip on Earrings #Top of Form
CP134 with its old school vintage Princess Grace of Monaco glamour. Why not try the Vintage Style Silvertone Chandelier Clip on Earrings Clear Crystals #http://ep.yimg.com/ca/Img/trans_1x1.gifTop of Form
CP163 for that extra dose of real screen goddess value, the above are both examples of jewels that can be found on www.whimzaccessories.com. Also featured on the site is the Art Deco Goldtone Dangle Clip on Earrings # CP138. This will add a shot of vintage style to even the most mundane of everyday outfits; these earrings would even combine perfectly with Bottom of Form
any work uniform whether it be a blouse and fitted skirt suit or a floral apron. It’s all about expressing your creative and individuality side through the Jewellery that you decide to wear.
Top of Form
PRL291. It’s the perfect way to spruce up the black sequinned figure flattering body con dress making it extra dinner party-worthy in an instant. You’ll be the envy of every one there with your choice of body adornment, we all know that Whimz girls like to be eye catching especially with that hot guy in the room! We never miss any opportunity to be noticed and adored like the bejewelled goddesses we are!

While I truly love everything that Whimz has to offer a personal favourite of mine has to be the Silvertone Rope Necklace with Clip on Earrings Accented with Rhinestones #Top of Form
CP160. I would definitely feel like a queen with this set on and this is totally recommended to all of the princesses out there- You know who you are! This coming season gives you total permission to adorn ourselves in extravagant jewellery, an exciting time us Whimz girls that’s for sure! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

WhimZ Jewelry Was Featured @ Catalogs.com....1st Date Suggestions

How exciting WhimZ Jewelry was featured @ Catalogs.com for great suggestions to buy for a first date !! Please ck out the below link and read the fun article.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

On The David Tutera " My Fair Wedding " Show..... AGAIN !!

WhimZ Jewelry From WhimZ Accessories was on the David Tutera show " MY FAIR WEDDING ".....AGAIN !!  The " Control Bride " Episode !! Be on the look out for the reruns this week !!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

WhimZ on "MY FAIR WEDDING" with David Tutera " Snow White Bride"

Tonight on "My Fair Wedding" with David Tutera...the "Snow White Bride" episode featured WhimZ jewelry on the bride and bridesmaids !! Be sure to look for the show on WE TV. Very Exciting !!

Monday, January 2, 2012


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Check out this very trendy and fashion blog ..... www.ohtobeamuse.com
They are featuring WhimZ this week !!

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